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Grain Companies

Technology. For years, farmers have experienced remarkable innovations in nearly every aspect of their farm business. 

Seed genetics have delivered impressive yield-enhancing traits. Equipment has grown in size and efficiency. And precision ag has optimized farmers’ investments in soil fertility and crop protection.

But there’s one critical area of farming that has been watching from the sidelines: how farmers generate revenue by quickly and accurately analyzing their financial situation. Where have these advances in grain marketing occurred? How has technology helped farmers discover more profitable ways to market their crop? Where is the added simplicity or convenience? Quite honestly, these questions haven’t been answered. Until now.

Most farmers recognize they should understand their production economics: input costs per acre, break-even levels, unsold bushels at risk and more. Yet, the technology to automate those calculations and provide meaningful insights simply doesn’t exist. Not because technology itself can’t keep up. It’s because the necessary data has not been brought together in a single and simple-to-use tool for the farmer. Nor has the data been compiled in a way that can support grain marketing decisions that can improve farmers’ profitability. And that means farmers are left to manually piece together their grain marketing information from different logs, apps, platforms or notebooks.

So with this in mind, it only makes sense that the companies that maintain economic data with farmers are the ones best suited to provide access to it in new and valuable ways. Ways that provide your customers with real-time insights as their yield potential, production costs or market levels change. Ways that help farmers benchmark their own actions and results compared to others just like them.

GrainBridge welcomes grain companies that share our vision to serve our respective farmer customers better. Your farmer transactions would be made available on this new platform, along with account management and other features developed to serve farmers.

It’s time to put the farmer’s needs first.

Ready to learn more? Contact us with questions. We hope you’re as eager to change how we help farmers succeed as we are.

FAQs for Grain Companies

Why did ADM and Cargill choose to launch this joint venture?2018-10-26T21:38:57+00:00

Despite the number of technologies available in agriculture, there is no single tool available to improve grain marketing to the extent we believe is possible. In short, new tools in the marketplace have been exciting, but haven’t gone far enough, fast enough, to truly help farmers. Both ADM and Cargill have the resources and shared vision to change that.

How will ADM and Cargill work together for my benefit?2018-10-26T21:38:34+00:00

In the industry, there is no shortage of data or technology available. However, there is no one solution that can provide farmers aggregated data and insights that can drive smarter, more sound grain marketing decisions. That’s why GrainBridge, LLC will be inviting other grain businesses to participate in the development and delivery of this new technology to their respective customers.

What was the rationale to build a new technology rather than purchase an existing one?2018-10-26T21:36:11+00:00

By building off the current GrainBridge legacy platform and talent, as well as the long-standing relationships ADM and Cargill have with their customers, the joint venture will be able to offer more complete, modern and holistic technologies faster than it would by using outside technology.

Will ADM and Cargill have access to each other’s customer data?2018-10-26T21:30:35+00:00

No. GrainBridge will provide a digital platform that will provide access to a user’s transactional information, such as contracts and scale tickets — from ADM, Cargill and other grain companies — but the customer data will only be accessible by the company that provided it.

Why is GrainBridge looking for additional participants?2018-10-26T21:21:51+00:00

GrainBridge is committed to bringing more and better information and opportunities to farmers. Therefore, we need to include other grain originators in the efforts of the joint venture.

Can I view a demonstration of the technology and/or dashboard?2018-10-26T21:19:45+00:00

When it is ready, yes. However, we are actively inviting participants to join us now as GrainBridge, LLC starts this new phase.

What is the cost of becoming a participant in GrainBridge?2018-10-26T21:17:57+00:00

The platform will be available to grain buyers and originators in multiple ways, including license.

When can other interested parties confirm interest in joining the GrainBridge, LLC efforts?2018-10-26T22:07:13+00:00

We expect to have those details available upon closing of the deal.

How can my customers’ data that I may share with GrainBridge remain secure?2018-10-26T21:17:12+00:00

GrainBridge, LLC will provide the necessary security confirmations to ensure you are satisfied with the information you may be providing through this platform.

Are there materials available to promote our involvement in GrainBridge?2018-10-26T21:16:48+00:00

There will be materials available to share with your customers if you choose to join GrainBridge, LLC.

Whom should I speak with to learn more?2018-10-26T21:13:46+00:00

We’re excited to talk with you and explore opportunities for your company to participate in GrainBridge, LLC. However, we need to hold off on detailed discussions until after regulatory approvals are received and the deal closes.

When will the transaction to form the new GrainBridge, LLC close?2018-10-27T01:24:35+00:00

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close in the next few months.