You’ve seen what technology can do on the farm. Now imagine what’s never been possible.

The new GrainBridge, LLC will redirect technology innovation in agriculture. We’re going to move faster and further than anything has been able to before in terms of grain marketing prowess. How? By taking your data further. You won’t just be left with numbers or pretty charts. You’ll be shown how the changes in the market, combined with your personal production dynamics, affect your farm’s profitability.

All of your grain marketing data will be organized in the GrainBridge platform, including contracts, scale tickets and payments. You’ll even be able to enter new grain contracts and maintain existing ones, including setting basis and futures levels. Unprecedented insights, simplicity and convenience will be at your fingertips at a moment’s notice.

Most importantly, all of this data will be consolidated into one dashboard that visually paints a picture of the grain you have and will have, and will allow you to run different scenarios for selling grain that can help you stomach the risk that comes with it.

Ultimately, GrainBridge will use your individual production costs, and overlay that information with automated intelligence that will give you the confidence to take action. The days of wishing “what might have been” with your grain marketing will be gone. And you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

This is the future of grain marketing. This is farming.

FAQs for Farmers

What will the joint venture do?2018-10-26T22:38:48+00:00

GrainBridge will create a digital grain marketing platform that combines individual production, economic, and grain account data with an electronic marketplace for improved decision support in one simple and convenient tool.

What will happen to the current GrainBridge product with this new joint venture?2018-10-26T21:42:29+00:00

GrainBridge’s legacy software product will be accessed in the same manner it is today. If changes are made, users will be promptly notified.

Are ADM and Cargill combining efforts at my expense?2018-10-26T21:35:12+00:00

No. This joint venture was created with you, the farmer, as the focus. Success in the ag industry begins with success on the farm, and both ADM and Cargill are committed to bringing tools and information to you, so you can be more efficient and make faster, better decisions.

ADM and Cargill have always been competitors. Will this change with the joint venture?2018-10-26T21:32:07+00:00

Make no mistake, ADM and Cargill are still competitors, and ADM and Cargill will continue to compete vigorously, with each other and other grain buyers to purchase grain. The joint venture will focus on innovative technology for the farmer.

How is this new joint venture beneficial to me, as a farmer?2018-10-27T01:23:27+00:00

The joint venture will create digital tools that will consolidate and simplify your production grain farming information. From input costs to production data to contract management and “what-if” scenarios that can help you make better grain marketing decisions based on your unique situation, the joint venture is solely focused on increasing farmer profitability.

What will ADM and Cargill bring to the table?2018-10-26T21:28:19+00:00

With significant experience and depth of working along the grain supply chain, both companies will bring their respective historical insights to the digital application. This will help you visualize opportunities to sell for higher profits.

Will Cargill have access to my ADM account, and vice versa?2018-10-26T21:27:46+00:00

No. This technology will be designed to aggregate information for you, not share it with either company. Only you will see your account information. Neither Cargill nor ADM, nor any other partner or participant, will have access to any customer’s information that they are not already providing.

Will this be a one-stop shop for all of my farm data?2018-10-26T21:25:30+00:00

GrainBridge, LLC will focus on grain marketing information consolidation, basic transaction functionality and decision support. The evolution will largely depend on what the market demands to determine how comprehensive this platform may become.

How can I use GrainBridge tools to support my ADM or Cargill accounts?2018-10-26T21:23:56+00:00

The joint venture’s online tools will provide the convenience of transactional information including grain sales, deliveries and payment information from ADM and Cargill in a single platform. Your ADM and Cargill representatives can help inform you in how to use new application developments to your best advantage.

Who can participate in this new digital application?2018-10-26T21:23:28+00:00

The new applications will be most attractive to U.S. farmers who sell to ADM, Cargill and any other participating grain business. However, all farmers will be able to access the application.

What will the new platform cost?2018-10-26T21:22:34+00:00

The platform will be offered to farmers at no cost.

Will Cargill or ADM have access to farmers’ personally identifiable data?2018-10-26T21:13:10+00:00

The data accessed through the GrainBridge platform will be between the company providing it and the customer receiving it. The customer will control whom else has access to their data.

What major uses will the new technology bring?2018-10-26T21:12:31+00:00

The first digital application from GrainBridge will provide three areas of information to farmers: account management, e-commerce and decision support.

Account management will provide secure and private access to contracts, scale tickets and payment information. E-commerce will allow farmers to enter into and maintain their grain contracts. The decision support tool will provide information, such as changing break-even levels, price targets, total current grain and risk management positions, and more.

What will this new technology accomplish?2018-10-26T21:11:14+00:00

Year after year, many farmers miss the best opportunities to make grain marketing decisions that would result in higher profit margins. This new technology will provide a system that seamlessly connects dynamic production agriculture with markets to help farmers easily visualize higher profit opportunities.

How will the joint venture help me with profitability opportunities?2018-10-26T21:10:44+00:00

The new technology platform will paint a clear picture of the personalized costs involved with growing a crop, dynamic production estimates, and available market opportunities to best help farmers decide when and how to sell grain.

What is this joint venture?2018-10-26T22:02:57+00:00

GrainBridge will be a joint venture initially formed and funded by ADM and Cargill that will focus on innovative technology to give farmers the power to make better grain marketing decisions and improve overall farm profitability.

Why will this joint venture focus on technology?2018-10-26T22:02:37+00:00

Farmers rapidly adopt technology that brings efficiency and value to their business. Until now, though, technology has offered few advancements in improving how farmers make selling decisions, or execute those decisions.  ADM and Cargill believe that attempts to do so have not progressed far enough or fast enough, and that GrainBridge can have a meaningful impact on farmers’ success.

How will the joint venture be structured?2018-10-26T22:02:17+00:00

This will initially be a 50-50 joint venture, owned by ADM and Cargill. It will be managed by a board of directors, equally split between ADM and Cargill appointees.

When will the joint venture be complete?2018-10-26T22:01:53+00:00

Upon closing, pending final regulatory approvals. We expect that final approval to happen within the next several months.

Where can I learn more?2018-10-26T22:00:42+00:00

More information is available from your ADM or Cargill representative, and at

What if I sell grain to a company or co-op other than ADM or Cargill?2018-10-26T21:56:09+00:00

GrainBridge, LLC will be inviting other grain companies, including co-ops, to  utilize the new GrainBridge software, further increasing simplicity and convenience for you.