ADM and Cargill are thrilled to announce our intention to create a new technology joint venture, GrainBridge, LLC, that will finally bring real innovation to grain marketing.

The joint venture will make grain selling easier, more convenient, and deliver insights never before available. The goal? Simply to give you the tools that improve your overall level of profitability while keeping your data privacy a top priority.

Agriculture is no stranger to the noise and confusion that surrounds new technology. Yet, there is no single tool available today that has gone far enough or fast enough to make a real difference to your bottom line. GrainBridge will change that. The technology company, powered by insights and analysis from across the grain industry, will introduce a digital platform that can connect multiple points of your farm data to give you a complete, comprehensive view of your grain marketing situation. This will give you the power to make objective, well-informed decisions while reducing the emotion, stress and hesitation of grain marketing.

The depth and breadth of resources and expertise from our two grain companies will unlock many of the critical success factors that have limited the value of other tools. To truly drive an innovative platform, and one that delivers even greater value to you, we’re inviting other grain companies to participate and building an open platform that others can plug into. The combined insights from ADM and Cargill, and other industry participants, will fuel the digital dashboard from GrainBridge, and will establish a system that seamlessly connects farmers’ production data to improved profitability scenarios.

ADM and Cargill share a common goal – to give farmers useful and relevant digital tools that drive toward more profitability. The collaboration between ADM and Cargill, and the participation of other grain companies, will truly give you beneficial information without more work than it’s worth. We are committed to simplifying your grain marketing program. We are dedicated to advancing technology for your sake. And we are steadfast in our vision for GrainBridge to focus on your needs and data to help you achieve higher profitability.

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